PlazaLatina.ch is the online boutique of Meridiano Products headquartered in Cham/Canton of Zug. Meridiano Products imports and distributes fashion products and accessories from Latin America. Here the main focus is on high quality leather products for men and women.


All products offered on PlazaLatina.ch are  developed and produced from renowned and established brands in small to medium sized workshops and factories in Colombia. Our suppliers have many years of experience in the Latin American market.


We are in direct and permanent contact to our manufacturers and obtain all products directly, without having to rely on intermediaries. Each producer will be visited by us personally and carefully selected. Ethical and ecological criteria in the foreground stand in addition to the product quality and the design.


Colombia is a diverse and fascinating country with a variety exceptionally talented people, but also with some conflicts and crises. We are convinced that only work and economic development for the broadest possible layer of the Colombian population can extricate the country from its conflicts and crises. In engaging every day to know the varied universe of Colombian leather goods in Europe and to ensure the necessary attention, Meridiano Products wishes to make a decisive contribution to the positive development of the country. And if we manage to draw a smile on the face of our customers thanks to our outstanding products and our enthusiasm, it motivates us even more.

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