General Terms and Conditions Plaza Latina

1. General

1.1 is an offer of Meridiano Products Alejandra Lingg (hereinafter: "Meridiano"), which is headquartered in Cham (Switzerland).

1.2  These general terms of sale (hereinafter: "Terms and conditions") form the basis of the use of the offers of and regulate trade between Meridiano and its customers. Agreements derogating from the terms require the written consent of Meridiano.

2. Offer

2.1  The offers listed on are without commitment. An order is concluded by the confirmation (written or oral order) or by shipment of the goods ordered.

2.2  All prices published on are included 8% value-added tax.

3. Information, data and images

3.1 The information, data and descriptive of products and services appearing on are subject to correction and may be changed at any time by Meridiano.

3.2  All information, descriptions of products and pictures available on are subject to the exclusive right of use of Meridiano. The use by third parties requires the express written consent of Meridiano.

4. Right of return and restitution

4.1  As a buyer/customer, you have the right to return all items purchased on if they have not been used, in the original packaging and with all accessories, without having to explain, within 14 days of the delivery.

If you make use of your right to exchange or refund within 14 days of delivery of the goods, the sales contract becomes null and void. Please send back us the product to the following address:

Meridiano Products
Alejandra Lingg
Order service Plaza Latina
Lorzenhof 27
6330 Cham

To return, please always use the packing in which the goods were initially delivered, and ensure that the referral is complete.

4.2  Shipping dates (the postmark date) the delivery and return are critical to meeting the deadline for restitution. If the return deadline is not respected, the right to return is no longer applicable.

4.3  Restitution results in termination of the contract and the reimbursement of the sums already paid after the return of the delivered goods.

4.4  The right of restitution does not apply to used goods or goods damaged or incomplete (including goods without accessories, missing original labels, absence of packaging).

5. Reservation of Delivery

5.1 We deliver within the limit of stocks available, only in Switzerland and the Liechtenstein. A contract for unavailable products cannot be concluded.

6 Shipping and Shipping Costs

6.1  The goods are shipped in Switzerland and Liechtenstein for free by PostPac Economy.

6.2  Other types of paid shipping are available as an option.

7 Payment

7.1  The goods are paid by debit or credit card or are paid in advance. In some cases, Plaza Latina may, in its sole discretion, exclude certain modes of payment or offer other forms of payment.

7.2  The payment by sending cash or cheques is not possible. We decline any responsibility in case of loss.

7.3  In the event of advance payment, you receive an invoice by e-mail after your order. Please follow the instructions on the invoice or transfer the corresponding amount to the following account:

Post Finance
Account 385610020
IBAN: CH68 0900 0000 6168 7352 6

Please enter the invoice number in the payment order. The goods will be sent upon receipt of your payment. If you used a credit card to place your order, then that credit card will be charged once the order is ready for shipment.

7.4  When placing an order with payment in advance, the ordered goods remains reserved for 10 calendar days. If no settlement is received during this period, the order lapses and the availability of the goods cannot be guaranteed in case of new order.

8. Guarantee

8.1  All products you buy on have a guarantee 'Bring-In & Return' of 2 years on defects of material and manufacturing defects. In such cases, the buyer is entitled to the elimination of the defect.

8.2  Excluded from the warranty are any damage and defects that occur in connection with the use of the product. The warranty does not damage due to inappropriate treatment of products, use of unsuitable cleaners for example.

8.3  It belongs solely and exclusively to Meridiano to decide on how to remove the defect of the product. Meridiano opts, case by case, for a touch up, repair, exchange or, possibly, a recovery of the product.

8.4  The costs of the return of a product with a view to the elimination of a defect covered by the warranty are charged to the sender of the product. The reference to the customer costs borne by Meridiano if the guarantee is applicable (Bring-In & Return).

8.5 Product repairs that are not guaranteed are paying.

8.6  The purchase receipt serves as a warranty. Please keep it carefully.

9. Reservation of Ownership

9.1  Until full payment, the delivered merchandise remains the property of Meridiano as an operator and owner of the online store.

10. Data Protection

10.1  Meridiano uses only data of the customers internally and does not transmit them to third parties.

11 Place of Jurisdiction, Applicable Law

11.1 Trade between Meridiano and its customers are subject to Swiss law. Court of jurisdiction is Zug.